Three New Dog Parks Opening in Anaheim

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One of my dog’s favorite activities is a trip to the dog park.  She gets especially excited when she gets the opportunity to visit new ones, so when I read that Anaheim will be opening three new dog parks soon, it got my attention.

If you live in Anaheim, Fullerton, or the surrounding areas, you can look forward to a new place to take your dog to exercise and socialize.  On March 7th, at 10am, the city of Anaheim will be opening its first of three new dog parks at the intersection of Anaheim Blvd. and La Palma Ave.


The park will have separate small and large dog sections, water fountains, benches, and plenty of greenery.  The grand opening will include non-profit vendors, dog agility demonstrations, and other dog friendly activities.  Dogs will be required to be kept on a leash until the conclusion of these events, which should be sometime around 2pm. But after that, they will be free to explore the park’s sights, sounds, and smells, off-leash.

One of the best things about this new park is its operating hours.  Starting March 8th, the day after the grand opening, the dog park will be open from 5am-10:30pm every day. This will give even the busiest owners enough flexibility to enable them to spend time with their dogs outdoors.  As far as I know, this facility will have the best hours of any dog park in Orange County.  I live in Fountain Valley, but I’m sure I’ll be stopping by with my dog Sierra, soon after it opens, and I encourage you to do the same.  After I visit, I will write a short review about my experience, as well as post plenty of pictures, to give everyone a better idea of what the location has to offer.

Like I stated before, this is only the first of three dog parks being created in Anaheim. The details are a little thin on the other two, but here is what we know so far. The next park will be located in Olive Hills Park and should be opening sometime this Fall or Winter. This park will also be split into a small and large dog section.  It will be landscaped with a variety of artificial grass, boulders, dry river beds, native California plants, and will also include an obstacle course in both the large and small dog sections. Additionally, this park will be surrounded by a dog friendly walking/jogging trail, however, dogs must be kept on leash when on this area.  It looks like this dog park will be much larger than the first, and will also have a larger variety of surfaces for your dog to explore.  I can’t wait!

Screenshot 2015-02-22 23.18.07


The last of the three parks will be opening somewhere in East Anaheim at a yet to be determined time and location.  My best guess for time, based on the roll-out of the previous two, would be sometime in early 2016.  If I had to guess on the possible location, I would say that Yorba Regional Park is probably high on the list.  They have plenty of open space throughout the park, and there is plenty of parking, but unfortunately, we will just have to wait and see.  As I get more information on the last two parks, I will update the site accordingly.  If you are able take your dog to any of these new parks, and want to share your experience, please feel free to leave it in the comment section below. I would love to hear about it.


  1. This is excellent news! We have been desperate for a park closer to home and with better amenities for both fur babies and humans!!! Thank you for this update!


  2. We’ve been to the new dog park on LaPalma–small dog side. Very cute park with three cons I need to mention: 1) nicely fenced however in some sections very small dogs/puppies can squeeze between the fence and concrete pad. Since it’s on a busy street, owners beware; 2) there’s an area between the large and small dog area that does not have a concrete pad beneath the fence (maintenance purposes is my guess) and dogs have been digging. Here, small dogs can also squeeze under the fence and get to the large dog side–another concerns for small dogs; 3) there is a lack of close parking so both you and your pooch(es) will get a little more exercise.


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