New Lake Forest Dog Park in the Works

Lake Forest

If you live in Lake Forest, and have been frustrated by the lack of dog parks, there’s good news on the horizon.  As part of the new construction being done by Shea Baker Ranch Associates, a brand new 21,000 square foot dog park will be built on the cul-de-sac of Baffin Bay Drive.  There will be 5,300 square feet for the large dog section, and 3,400 square feet for the small dog.  The remaining space will be for parking.  There’s no set date for the opening yet, as the plan just got approved by the city on Tuesday, but when they set a date, I will let you know.  For the full article in the OC Register CLICK HERE.

The American Cancer Society hosts the “Bark for Life” Fundraising Walk – April 26th


If you don’t already have plans for this Sunday, the American Cancer Society will be hosting a “Bark for Life” walk/event from 11am-2pm on April 26th in Huntington Beach. Registration is $10 for a human, or $15 if you want to bring your dog along too.   For more information, and to register CLICK HERE.

How to Keep Your Dog Cool and Comfortable in the Summer Heat – Part 3: At Home and Safety Tips


At Home Cooling

Now that I’ve covered cooling beds and how to keep dogs cool during outdoor activities, the final topic we will explore is day-to-day activities at home.  Because our dogs tend to spend a majority of their lives at home, we want to make sure they’re cool, comfortable, and stay hydrated all day long.

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How to Keep Your Dog Cool and Comfortable in the Summer Heat – Part 2: Outdoor Activities


Outdoor Activities

In the previous post, I wrote about keeping your dog comfortable while relaxing and sleeping, so let’s move on to keeping them cool while on the go.  When the weather warms up, we naturally get outside more often with our dogs, but before you do, you’ll want to make sure they stay cool so they can safely enjoy the longer days of summer.

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How to Keep Your Dog Cool and Comfortable in the Summer Heat – Part 1: Beds


As our so-called Southern California “Winter” comes to a close, and we move into Spring and Summer, temperatures are going to start rising fast.  Owning a Husky in Southern California has forced me to become a semi-expert on keeping a dog cool during the worst of the heat, and I wanted to pass some of the helpful info I’ve learned, and the products I’ve used, over the last few years, to help make my dog as comfortable as possible as we face the hottest months of the year.  Because there are so many things to cover, I have split this into three separate blog post: Beds, Outdoors, and At Home.  So let’s get started.

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