Do You Take Your Dog to The Costa Mesa Dog Park? Please Read!


If you live in Costa Mesa, or the surrounding area, and take your dog/s to the Costa Mesa Bark Park read on…

After talking to many regulars at the Bark Park, I realized that an easy way to keep in contact with one another doesn’t really exist outside of exchanging numbers.  I wanted to create something that would allow Bark Park visitors to organize group events, breed specific meet-ups, and to just stay in touch with what’s going on in the dog community of Orange County.  Along with this blog site, I have now created a Bark Park website where people can really start to communicate better with their dog loving neighbors. To start the site off on the right “paw”(do you see what I did there?),  I ask that anyone who visits the Bark Park regularly, please go to the website,, take a look around, and while you’re there, let me know what breed of dog you have, and if you have a specific night you would like to see other owners with that same breed meet at the Bark Park for some fun!  The more votes we get, the better represented the Breed Nights will be, so feel free to send the link to anyone else you know that visits and might want a say in what night they want their Breed Night to be. Thanks in advance for your help, and see you at the Bark Park!

Costa Mesa Bark Park

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