I’m Thinking of Biking with my Dog, So Now What? -Part 1 / Introduction

Do you have a dog that never seems to get worn out on your daily walks, no matter how long they are?  I ran into this issue with my Husky Sierra, and wanted to find a solution.  I had seen and read about biking your dog to help get their energy out, but was apprehensive at first because of the inherent dangers of traveling at high speed on a bike with a dog attached to you. But at some point I had to bite the bullet and just go for it.

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9th Annual Super Pet Adoption in Irvine – June 7th

It’s that time of year again, Orange County’s largest pet adoption event will be held this Sunday from 10am-4pm.  I’ve volunteered at this event before, and it’s amazing to see dogs from shelters all over Orange County in one place looking to find a forever home.  If you are thinking of adding a member to your family soon, this event will give you an excellent chance of finding the right dog.  If you already have enough members in your pack, this event is a blast to attend.  It’s only $1 per person and there will be raffles, vendors, low cost microchipping, food, drinks, vets on hand to answer any general questions you might have, and oh ya, plenty of dogs that need a belly rub!  Stop by for a bit and check it out!

9th Annual Super Pet Adoption 

super pet 2015 poster