Dog Friendly Hiking Trails in the Aliso and Wood Canyons Park

I haven’t been here yet, but saw this article and wanted to share it.  I’ll have to make it one of my next stops!

Have a dog? Find out where the dog friendly hiking trails in the Aliso and Woods Canyon Park are located

Update: Although the trails listed are dog friendly, there are many in the area that aren’t. Please make sure you check the trail head sign before heading out on any hike with your dog to make sure you’re respecting the wildlife conservation efforts. Thanks!

Source: Dog Friendly Hiking Trails in the Aliso and Wood Canyons Wilderness Park


  1. Dogs are not allowed at Aliso and Wood Canyons Wilderness Park. It’s called a Wilderness Park, and not a Regional Park, for a reason. It’s a wildlife sanctuary. Pets like dogs give off scents and leave behind urine (and feces, if owners aren’t courteous) that disrupts the natural way wildlife moves about in the park. Dogs and other pets are generally not permitted in any of the county Wilderness Parks and are sometimes are only allowed on certain trails in the county Regional Parks if they are on a leash. There are some exemptions for horses at the Wilderness Parks. This blog post is really a disservice to the county parks system and the residents of the county, and I would recommend removing it and reading the rules in the future. You can also call the Wilderness Park ranger station or the central parks office and confirm this information with them. You can read the rules for yourself and they say “No pets” here:


    1. Thanks for the feedback, I am a big believer in making sure we keep our few remaining wild places in the county wild. After doing some additional research, like you said, much of the wilderness areas are off limits to dogs. The few short trails mentioned in the above post seem to be the exception. I found pictures of the trail head signs that show dogs are allowed on these trails and some of them even have poop bag dispensers. I will continue looking into this and once it cools down a little more, I’ll head out there myself and confirm that these are indeed dog friendly. For now, I took the wilderness out of title so it now just says park and also put a disclaimer to make sure anyone going to these trails first verify they are in fact dog friendly. Thank you so much for the feedback. Also, if you have a dog and know a few good trails in the area, I would love to feature you as a guest blogger to review some of the trails you have done, message me if you’re interested, thanks!


    2. In response to the extremely negative comments of “OC Resident”, it is unfortunate that people like you wish to exclude responsible dog owners and their pets from enjoying our wilderness areas with our best friends. I suppose you never urinate on the trail? Your attitude suggests you are a closed minded elitist snob dog hater, and in my opinion you don’t deserve to enjoy our wilderness and should be excluded from its trails. It’s OK, though, since there are many better wilderness places that allow dogs, and hopefully I won’t run into jerks like you there. FYI I do respect the rules and unfortunately cannot enjoy this area with my dog, except on the very few limited trails where they are allowed. How is it a disservice to share these few trails where dogs are allowed. Good luck to you.


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